[topshop and takeout]


There are many things I’m good at, like not doing laundry and microwaving frozen taquitos. But coming up with creative names for things is not one of them. Example: When I was little, I named my first pet fish Goldie. In case you were wondering, he was not, in fact, gold. He wasn’t even a goldfish. He was a  bright blue-colored betta fish. It made zero sense and I’d clearly picked the name Goldie because it was the only fish name I had and I was that bad at picking names. The fish lived for approximately 8 years past its normal expected lifespan of one week, and my family was stuck explaining for 8 years why our blue fish was named Goldie.

So when it came to naming this blog, I inevitably ran into some issues.

It was originally called Caffeinated Californian, because that accurately described me: I’m from San Diego, and I make sure there is a sufficient amount of coffee in my blood at all times. But then I had the dark realization that I’m no longer really a legit Californian, since I moved to Missouri for college and was forced to get a Missouri driver’s license. So what am I then? What is this blog? Probably a combination of my life and the lives of each intoxicated individual I observe repeatedly attempting to remove the stop sign in front of my apartment building. That stop sign is like the sword in the stone. Everyone who’s had a few drinks at the bar across the street makes it their personal quest to get the stop sign out of the ground.

They succeeded one time and my roommate immediately ran outside to grab it and use it as a lovely decoration for our living room.

So then, what blog name sums up my life? “Sex and Caffeine” was my first thought, because if I ever get around to writing that personal memoir, that would be the title. But then I realized that future employers are potentially reading this (hello, future employer! Please hire me so I can continue funding my Starbucks addiction!). “Shits and gigs,” “Girl Who Actually Likes Beer,” and “Wine Night” were rejected for the same reason.

In a moment of desperation I tried using a fashion blog name generator that I found online, which apparently thinks that a combination of designer labels and names of food happens to be the magic formula for a good blog name. The generator popped out with ridiculous names like “Prada and Meatballs,” “Stilettos and Salad,” “Versace and Donuts,” and “Topshop and Takeout.” To be honest I actually considered using that last one, because there are few things I love more than Topshop and food that I don’t have to cook.

Finally I arrived at my epiphany when I was writing my tagline (because I’m better at just describing things than I am at naming things) and I typed “by Alexandra Mae.” Because that’s what this blog is. Just stuff by me. Bonus points: I didn’t even have to be that creative. “By Alex Mae”, it is.

So here’s your healthy double shot of sarcasm, advice, stories, and everything in between, by me and sponsored by caffeine. Because I don’t believe in decaf, and neither should you.



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