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I’m not a fashion blogger, per se, but fashion is a huge part of my life.

Wasn’t it Coco Chanel who said that fashion changes, but style remains the same? I’d have to agree, except for the fact that my style changed about as much as fashion did before I finally figured myself out. Fashion has had a lot of different meanings to me as I grew up. When I was little, fashion was whatever my mom wanted me to wear to school, church, the Easter party, or whatever other events required me to wear some contraption with ruffles. It meant scrunchies (because I was a 90s kid and my mom was an 80s kid), striped t-shirts and matching striped leggings from Gymboree, and lots and lots of fake rhinestones.

Elementary school was blue eyeshadow, oversized earrings, and gaucho pants. Moving on…

When I got to middle school, fashion was pretty much about the same thing middle school is about: trying on different identities until you get the confidence to express your real one (and trying to have a group to sit with in the cafeteria). For me this meant phases of everything from Juicy Couture hoodies, to Limited Too peasant skirts, to straight up Abercrombie. I am not proud of this dark time. I had sweatpants with the word Abercrombie on my butt. I’m sure many of my fellow basics can relate.

And then there was high school. I got my first job in fashion retail, working as a stylist at a local boutique called Ragz. The employee rule was that we had to wear exclusively Ragz clothing at work, head to toe, and this was when I became obsessed with high fashion trends. I’d see it on a spread or an ad in Vogue and then try to replicate it, sometimes even making a homemade version (there was one particular Marc Jacobs coin purse that I created a complete hand-sewn copy of, if you were wondering how dedicated I was). I’d pore over the Free People catalogues and re-live the fantasy lives all the models seemed to be living. Example: When I was a sophomore, my family traveled to Rome, and I had this cherry-red Free People tube top. It was that one piece you know looks absolutely flame AF on you. In Rome, I found a window that looked exactly like the one in the Free People catalogue with the exact same top. So of course I recreated the shot, with my unfortunate short haircut.


In high school I was also a cheerleader, which meant that at least one day of the week (football game days and basketball game days) I had to go to school in my cheer uniform.

This was a bit of a relief.


My style evolved from magazine trends to peer trends and then back again. I did it all– yoga pants and college sweatshirts, denim vests and maxi skirts, leather jackets and leather leggings. I utilized the cardigan/dress combo for a while to deal with the 60-80 degree days in San Diego.

Of course now that I go to an SEC university in the Midwest, there’s everything from -20 days to 110 degree days, and I had to start from square one. Monograms, Nike shorts, Nike shoes, Lululemon leggings, oversized tshirts, and any accessories that go with whatever sorority event you’re doing.

Exhibit A: Basic SEC Sorority Girl (The look: Music Festival Crossed With Lazy College Kid)


Exhibit B: Hayride date party (The look: I Stole My Boyfriend’s Flannel)


Exhibit C: Game day (The look: Basic SEC Sorority Girl Tailgating)


I can sum it up best by saying that, like me, my style is constantly evolving and adapting to wherever I am and whatever I’m doing. It’s a combination of emulation, inspiration, and identity. I’m not the type of blogger to take pictures every single day of what I’m wearing, and I definitely am not the type to dress up in an on-point outfit every day in the first place (honestly you’ll find me in yoga pants or Nike shorts 70% of the time since it’s what I wear to class. I’m a college student, give me a break!). But I will share with you my real insights and real outfits as they come, that much I can promise. Starting now:

#OOTD: Between Classes  (The look: Got Out Of Bed and Got Starbucks)


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