{ throw me back in the ocean }

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Bear with me while I have a random wave of homesickness.

People ask me all the time what I miss most about living by the beach, and the question kind of answers itself. THE BEACH.

Well, for the most part.

If I’m in line at the coffee shop and I have a minute because I’m late for class and someone asked me that question, then sure, I’d say the beach.

If I’m in line at Starbucks, which happens to be a ridiculously long line in downtown Columbia, and we have about 5 minutes to kill, then I’d say the beach…but also the burritos.

If I’m in line at the Starbucks on campus, which somehow takes as long as humanly possible without causing a fire hazard, I’d say the beach, but then I’d pause, and then I’d start talking about how much I miss the beach because I miss just plain being outside. And not in freezing temperatures.

Gnibus Sisters 10

Look how happy I am in this picture to be wearing shorts and standing on the coast without the potential consequences of getting frostbite! Look how much I’m taking for granted the fact that I could even be barefoot! California Alex didn’t understand how good she had it.

What do I miss most about living by the beach? Living by the freakin’ beach. And everything else outside, along with it.

December has arrived, ladies and gentlemen, and it is not pretty here in Missouri. At least not until it snows, and then it’s absolutely stunning and perfect for literally 12 hours until it turns to slush and makes everything even uglier than before. Pros of snow: building a snowman, sledding, having an excuse to drink more hot coffee, seeing Christmas lights on houses where it makes sense.

My friends actually laughed at me when they found out that we still put Christmas lights on our houses in California. They think we’re barbarians that hate Christmas, just because it never snows. “But what about Santa?” one guy asked me. Oh, yes, of course, silly me, I forgot that Santa’s reindeer need snow to travel and therefore can’t visit my house. Whatever was I thinking? It must’ve been my parents the whole time!

Cons of snow: Cold. Wetness. All over your car and your sidewalks and down the back of your pants. Reality setting in. Your phone’s weather app telling you it’s probably unsafe to be outside because there’s a polar vortex. Malfunctioning heaters in your apartment. No Santa without it?

Three more weeks, people. Three more weeks until I can visit my hometown. And then I’ll get to be a mermaid again and take more happy pictures in my magical bubble where winter doesn’t exist.

Who needs snow for Christmas lights, anyways? We have yachts for that.





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