{ take a polaroid, it’ll last longer }

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I’m one of those people who believe they were born in the wrong decade.

For starters, if I were in the 80’s, I could wear leggings every day, listen to Madonna, and wear purple eyeshadow. I actually do all these things already, but in the 80’s I could at least not feel guilty about it.

Unfortunately, time travel has not yet been invented, or at least made available to the masses (I feel like the government has probably invented a lot of things by now without telling us?), so instead I go to vintage stores for my clothes and Spotify for my one-hit wonders. I’m an old soul learning new tricks, and the best place to start is with a Polaroid camera.



That’s me at Calavera Mountain, the nature reserve behind my house that is apparently California’s smallest volcano. It’s extinct, though. Or dormant. Not really sure on that one, and I like to not think about it.




Polaroids are my favorite. They’re real and tangible, no filter or hashtag needed. Social media is fantastic and all, but once in a while the old soul in me likes to touch film and remember where the Instagram logo came from.


Cardigan: H&M

Coat: Topshop

T-shirt sweater: Free People


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