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Today I’m going to make you feel better about your caffeine addiction. Ahem, I mean, dependence.

I wouldn’t call my caffeine dependence an addiction. It’s more like a lifestyle.

Just like I wouldn’t call coffee a drug. It’s more like an art form.

Actually, it’s totally a drug.

BUT before you go shouting from the rooftops that we’re all addicts, remember these things you probaby didn’t know about the most important meal of the day:

  • Coffee has antioxidants. Anything that has antioxidants is good. I think.
  • There are a lot of things that wouldn’t exist without coffee. Like Starbucks. And Seattle as a whole. And probably the majority of Apple products. I bet time travel will be invented sooner if more people drink coffee.
  • Caffeine is technically a stimulant, not a depressant, which means it’s not like alcohol (Note: This does, however, mean that caffeine shares similarities with crack. Try to ignore this fact).
  • Ok, so caffeine stunts your growth. But this is a good thing. I didn’t want to be any taller than 5’7 anyways, so coffee has really just ensured that I can wear heels and still be shorter than my boyfriend.
  • Coffee is a natural mild antidepressant. It literally makes you happier when you drink it.
  • Coffee is legal. Not just in Colorado.
  • It helps your liver! Imagine that! Something that doesn’t damage your liver!
  • It also helps your relationships with others by reducing the chances that you’ll yell at them in the morning. This is a scientifically proven fact that I definitely read somewhere at some point, I’m sure.
  • Unicorns drink coffee. How bad can it be?

Photos taken at: Better Buzz Coffee, Encinitas, CA

Rationalizing your emotional attachment to coffee, one bullet point at a time.



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