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There are two kinds of people in the world: the Cyclops, and other people.

Or at least that’s what I gathered from one of today’s exercises in class.

We first were instructed to form one eye with both our hands and walk around the room without a care in the world, bumping into people and growling at them if they got in our path. Picture fifteen people acting like aggressive trolls, and you can kind of see what happened here.

But then we were told to do the opposite.

Walk around the room, but close your eyes. Walk as carefully as you can. Try not to run into anyone. Be silent. Be cautious.

So which did I like better? The Cyclops, of course. And I thought that was the obvious choice, until I saw that about half the group said they actually preferred closing their eyes and walking silently. What?

Here’s the thing, though. It makes perfect sense that I liked being Cyclops better. Because I like being in control. I like knowing what’s going on. I like seeing what’s ahead so I can face it head-on. And I’m not just talking about the people literally ahead of me about to walk into me– I mean everything. Life. I’m a planner and a doer. And I always thought that was a good thing until about now.

I think to really let myself relax and be more content with the uncertainty of life, I need to allow myself to give up control. Because the reality is that when I’m a control freak, I’m a lot less happy. My life is a lot less spontaneous. And the main point is that I’m a whole lot less creative.

Because you can’t control creativity.

You can’t plan it.

Am I a Cyclops? Yes. One eye is better than none. But I’m sure that even Cyclops, in all his stubbornness, can learn to relax and be creative.


One thought on “Cyclops

  1. Maybe it’s less of changing the fact that you are a planner and a doer, and more of attempting to strike a nice balance between those aspects of you with the “uncertainty of life” as you put it. Creativity is a thing, but in my opinion, it does not function well or offer any good to anyone without hard work walking right alongside uncertainty.

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