The Notebook

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For class we’re supposed to write about a creative idea we have each week for one of our blog entries.

I’m an advertising nerd. I love watching Mad Men on Netflix. I read fashion magazines for the ads. I try to catch every billboard I can when I drive (not the safest habit, now that I think of it), and whenever my roommates have Keeping Up With the Kardashians on, they’re forced to listen to me point out every product placement.

So of course I’ve listened when my advertising professors have talked about the advertising greats, the real “Mad Men,” like Leo Burnett and David Ogilvy. And according to the lectures, the greats would keep files and notebooks of daily things they thought were funny or interesting. Leo Burnett, for instance, kept a folder called “Corny Language.” He filled it with any phrases or words he heard throughout his daily life that he thought were particularly expressive or poignant.

It was, in a way, like keeping a creativity journal.

So my creative idea this week was to start my own notebook– not a blog, not a Word document, but a physical notebook– and carry it around in my backpack to catch all the little things in life that jump out at me and inspire me in my writing and design. Like a certain color I see. Or random good advice. Or ironic situations (example: last night I started a grease fire in my apartment. The smoke detector didn’t go off. The smoke detector always goes off when I make popcorn or mac ‘n cheese and there’s no real danger, but once an actual raging inferno occurs and I’m in the kitchen screaming and running for the fire extinguisher, the smoke detector doesn’t go off. How comforting).

The Notebook. The beauty and the hilarity of my world, boiled down into a few pages.



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