Confronting Your Demons

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Or daimons, I should say?

According to ancient Greek mythology, a daimon is your call. It’s the vision or voice telling you what you should be doing with your life. It’s basically a college student’s dream come true.

Because how nice would it be if we had a chat with our guardian spirit about what we’re destined to do? What major is right for us? What career is right for us? How nice would it be to be able to say with certainty that you’re going the right path, choosing what you’re meant for?

I think we all doubt, on some level, what we’re doing. But I also believe in signs pointing you in the right direction. To the ancient Greeks, these signs are your daimons. They’re the English teacher you had in 4th grade that told you to write more poetry, telling you that you’re a creative writer. They’re the fixation you had on Britney Spears choreography, telling you that you’re a dancer. They’re the Domino’s pizza magnet on your fridge telling you that you know, deep down, you really really want to order pizza at 4 am.

In the creative process, many of us lose sight of our daimons. We try too much to do what we think is right, without stopping to listen to the natural impulses we have. We try to follow the life road that we think is right by looking at the map instead of looking at the signs around you. We think about the destination more than the journey, when the destination might not even be what we think it should be. Blindly following a set path through life is like trying to go to Antarctica wearing a bikini (or, in a more realistic case, pursuing law school instead of graphic design even though graphic design truly makes you much happier).

And so it goes for the creative process. You have to listen to that faint heartbeat, the one telling you that it’s ok to do what makes you happiest even if it’s not necessarily the easiest or most socially acceptable. Which is exactly why, after I finish this sentence, I’m going to order pizza.

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