20 Uses For a Brick

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“Come up with 20 uses for a brick.” It sounds crazy, but it’s actually a job interview question these days to test whether you can think creatively.

For a class exercise, we were asked to think of 20 different uses for a brick. Here goes…

  1. Museum exhibit. Make up a brief, entirely incorrect history, write it on a plaque, put the brick in a glass case, charge admission for people to see the famous brick that is featured in the album art for Pink Floyd’s The Wall
  2. A prop in a staging of The Three Little Pigs (there’s a brick house involved, right?)
  3. Killing a spider that’s on the floor by dropping a brick on it
  4. Killing a spider that’s on the wall by throwing the brick at it
  5. Marking where you buried your fortune (unless you’re enrolled in college, in which case you can bury your tears)
  6. Wearing it as a hat in a very high-fashion magazine to start a brick trend
  7. Pet rock. Well, brick.
  8. Starting a modern art movement in which you simply name the brick Table (a la Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain that was actually a urinal)
  9. Carrying it around with you when walking alone late at night, in case you need to bash someone’s face in. In fact, why don’t I already carry a giant brick with me everywhere I go? What a brilliant solution for women everywhere! No one should have to feel unsafe at night because they don’t carry a brick with them!
  10. Place it on a marble surface with coffee and/or flowers for a beautifully arranged, artsy shot to post on Instagram with #nofilter
  11. Paperweight. Except, like, an ironic paperweight. One you could buy at Urban Outfitters.
  12. Furniture. The possibilities are endless.
  13. To use for weight lifting in your room so you have yet another excuse to not go to a gym
  14. Yet another useless thing to take up space in your closet
  15. Musical instrument.
  16. Torture instrument (for your neighbors, when you use it as a musical instrument)
  17. Mode of transportation? It’s a stretch, but at least you know bricks won’t spontaneously combust like those hoverboards…
  18. I don’t know, building something.
  19. Prop the door to your apartment building with it because you keep forgetting the code to get in.
  20. Smartphone. Because maybe if we all used bricks as phones, we would talk to each other more in person.


There you have it. 20 uses for a brick, and my surprising capacity for thinking of ways to make a profit.



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