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Have you looked at the Google Doodle contest? It’s amazing. I’m personally a huge fan of Google doodles, especially the ones you can play mini-games on in the library when you should be doing accounting homework. This year’s Google Doodle contest theme was, “What Makes Me, Me.” As I was scrolling through the galleries of doodles from kindergartners with more artistic talent than me, I started thinking about what I would have drawn.

What makes me, me?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw

Ok, so there’s one way of putting it. According to my creativity class, you’re perfectly capable of making your dreams come true. If you know what your dreams are. Which, by the way, is not a given.

So what have I created? It’s a lot to think about. But it’s very true– you can literally make your life up as you go. You decide what kind of person you want to be. I, for one, know what I want in life: to know what I want in life.

As all these things went through my head while I looked at the gallery of Google doodle submissions, I thought, why not make a Google doodle? If third graders can do it, I can do my own (albeit lazy) version:


I didn’t say it would be fancy.

In order of the letters:

Donut: Because I like sprinkles, the color pink, and carbs all in one package. By the way, I have an internal struggle regarding whether to spell it “doughnut” or “donut.” Help.

Coffee: No explanation necessary. Which reminds me that I need to grab a Double Shot from the gas station next door.

Camera: This one represents a lot of things. One, Instagram. Two, PR– I’ve discovered a career that actually aligns with what I enjoy doing, which is telling stories about people using words and design. Three, my new love for photography after running the social media for my sorority for a year.

G: Ok, so I cheated a little on this one. But whatever. I actually drew it in Illustrator by scribbling for maybe five seconds and leaving it at that. It represents my love for art, but also the part of me that never grew up and still likes making scribbles.

Dancer: Because that’s just what I am. Both on the stage and at people’s weddings. Sorry, not sorry?

Shell: To represent where I came from. No matter where I go from here– and as I’ve learned, it can be anywhere– I’ll always come from San Diego. It’s a reminder of how far I’ve come and how far I still have yet to go. I plan on racking up a whole lot more frequent flyer miles.

What makes me, me? I guess that’s for me to know and also for me to find out!




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