Style Journal: Volcanic Spring

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There’s a volcano in my backyard.

Or at least, the backyard back in my hometown. Carlsbad, California has a lot of cool natural areas, and one of them is the preserve in my neighborhood called Calavera Mountain. It’s a shrubby desert landscape complete with cacti, creeks, and coyotes.

It’s also the perfect inspiration for a photo shoot I did with my sister.



I love how she paired a simple white dress with a flowy shawl for a boho, Western look that will hit huge this spring!



Have I mentioned how gorgeous my sister is?


I make my appearance: first from behind the camera, then in front of it (but only for a minute)!



Trends to watch for: Shawls, neutral colors, fringe, and Western influences.

On my sister: 

NTYLS, Off the Shoulder dress

Shawl: Free People

Booties: American Eagle

On me:

Shawl: Topshop

Cardigan: H&M


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