The Sweet Escape

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My creativity class today gave me a very welcome escape from the craziness of my life right now (as it usually does). But today was especially great- we got to visit the university Museum of Art and Archeology.

As an art history minor, I appreciate art on a really deep level. I could spend hours in And a museum visit was exactly what I needed to take a step out of my life and into a different place. Like this one:

Ok, I know it’s just a desk. Not quite what you think of when you think of places to escape (actually probably the opposite). But for me, the desk represents the place I want to be- serene, warm, quiet, just me and the stacks of books cluttering my happy workspace.

I like my zone.

But I don’t really get to be in my zone much anymore.

In fact, it’s rare that I set aside even just an hour to sit down and let myself do what I want to do- no phone or laptop screen, no sound, just natural light and a blank page. When I was younger, I had all the time in the world to write in diaries or fill notebooks on notebooks with complete nonsense. And it made me happy to fill notebooks with nonsense. What changed? I got busy and I got a MacBook. But maybe the next time I have a half hour to catch up on Netflix, I can use that half hour to sit at my desk. My zone.

The painting, by Miriam McKinnie, was done in oil paint. Oil allows for a lot of detail, since you can paint it in layers, and I couldn’t stop looking at the pages of the books sitting on the desk. I’m not normally a still life fan, but Still Life with Art Books captivated me more than the hundreds of other gorgeous works in the museum. I thought I’d want to look at more paintings of distant landscapes from foreign lands, but it was the everyday scene from a Missouri artist that I kept walking back to.

I’m a wanderer, and I always get the urge to drop everything and try living in an entirely new place. That’s a big part of why I’m in Missouri in the first place- I wanted to experience a completely new part of the country. But I don’t necessarily have to find happiness by running off somewhere far. I can find it in my own apartment, right at the desk where all my creativity happens. There’s no place like home, and I can be happy wherever I am as long as I’ve got books and a surface to write on.

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