Simple Solutions

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Remember when I was talking about how the Post-It note is a simple solution to a life problem? I’ve officially invented another one: the iPhone tripod. 

I know. Super high-tech, right?

The challenge: to create a tripod to film a video on my iPhone using only the resources in my apartment

The solution: cutting a slit in each side of a paper cup, then using the slits to hold the phone.

How I got there: the realization that most objects are not good at supporting an iPhone, and that cups were pretty much all I had to work with

Also, I got over functional fixedness and saw a cup as something that can hold a phone and not Keurig coffee! Score one for creativity class! 

One thought on “Simple Solutions

  1. Yay! Your creativity class cheering squad is shouting, “Gimme an A! Gimme an L! Gimme an E! . . .” and so on. Because you’ve come up with a seriously creative idea!

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