The Not-So-Dreaded Group Project

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Things I Learned In Class On Tuesday:

  • It’s amazing how many problems there are in life, and how each person in my creativity class came up with a different one
  • It’s also amazing how many of those problems shared a similar underlying theme
  • Even more amazing was how passionate we turned out to be about our chosen problems to solve
  • And most amazing was the fact that I already know this group project is going to be unlike any other I’ve had before.

As a journalism major, my life for the past three years has been group projects. Because in the “real world,” advertising and PR campaigns are basically group projects. You work with a team to approach a challenge and come up with collective solutions, each person doing his/her role in making it happen.

A lot of people like to hate on group projects. I personally like them. And not just because I often get lucky and end up with a group that’s actually into it (I’ve heard lots of nightmare group project stories in my time), but because group projects are about collaboration. I love working with other people. I definitely think two heads are better than one, and three are better than two. Unless you’re in middle school, where group projects actually did kind of suck because your grade was based on a handful of kids who gave zero craps about whether the project happened or not (because they were more focused on getting their first girlfriend/an unlimited texting plan). Ah, middle school.

But this group project for creativity class is going to be different, not just because I have fantastic people in my group, but because the project is something we chose to work on, something we’re passionate about. That means everything. We’re doing it not for an A in a class in a system, but to make a tangible change for an issue we want to change. That’s definitely unlike any group project I’ve had before. And I can’t wait to see how we approach it differently, too.

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