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Never in a million years (or rather, my 3-ish years of formal higher-level marketing education) did I think I would use the market research skills I learn in my classes on myself.

But, here we are. This past week I got a crazy idea that might actually happen. I’m happy to say I might actually be opening my own Etsy shop at some point in the near or distant future!

Preliminary research conducted over the past week, modeling my target market off myself (a 20-year-old female college student with access to technology and around $50 in my bank account at any given time):

  • Focus groups (my friends): 20-something females love pretty things to put on their walls. This is why Urban Outfitters does so well with their tapestries. It’s also why so many sorority girls paint canvases and letters, and also why it’s so popular to have a Pinterest board reserved for quotes.
  • Trend: Gallery walls. It’s a home decor trend to frame art, pictures, and quotes and arrange them on a wall as a sort of inspirational vision wall.
  • Trend: E-commerce. Many customers shop either from their phones or computers (or both), and often during class, at least from what I notice in lecture halls when I can see the latest Kate Spade sale open on everyone’s laptops in front of me.
  • Trend: Instant gratification. Tech-savvy shoppers want something quick and instant, something they can download right away and print straight from their computers.

A light bulb went off somewhere between the first bullet point and the last. I can make exactly what my target wants– printables, or art that you download and frame to put on your wall. Printables come in many forms– wedding invitations, posters, wall art, planner templates, stationery. Time to get cracking on more research to maybe, maybe make something happen, even if I don’t end up selling it.

One thought on “Market Research

  1. Well, yeah! Why not use those market research skills for a project that you want to do, and serve as the model consumer!

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