Style Journal: The LBD

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By LBD, I don’t mean Little Black Dress (although that is another staple in my closet. In fact, I may have too many). I mean the Little Blue Dress.

It’s finally springtime! Which means brighter colors and a wardrobe update. My closet’s got a whole lotta gray and black going on, and as a result, my style is looking a little drab for the season. How do you update your look, while still sticking to the basics you know and love?

I present to you, the LBD: the Little Black Dress’ cheerful twin, made specifically for us LBD lovers that have a hard time letting go of black but realized that it’s 75 degrees out and sunny.

Gnibus Sisters 04

Okay, so I cheated a little bit on this one and the dress is still kind of black. BUT it has flowers, which is a definite improvement on my usual simple monochromatic outfits.

This spring is all about texture. We see it in fringe suede booties, flannels wrapped around our waists, ruffled necklines, pleated skirts, and knit tops. The dress I wear in the pictures above looks inspired by Spanish brocade, with flowers that jump out from the background. Unlike the LBD, the LBD has a ton of potential for new, interesting textured patterns.

The LBD I wear in the picture isn’t your typical flowy fabric- it hugs your curves and flatters your silhouette in a way most fabrics don’t. The cutouts add a surprising touch, flirty enough to wear out but still demure enough to pair with a blazer or leather jackets. It’s springy/summery, with playful accents and a color made for celebration. It’s perfect to wear to, say, your sister’s graduation.


Oh, bonus: the one I wear has pockets. Hell yeah.

The Little Blue Dress is a fun twist on the sophistication and elegance of the Little Black Dress. Like the Little Black Dress, you can dress it up or down, with the added perk of pairing it with other black pieces without looking like you own nothing but black (and I come pretty close to that). But make no mistake- like the original LBD, the new LBD can still be just as serious and sophisticated as its twin.

Gnibus Sisters 03

More next week on another one of my favorite spring trends: Textures!



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