Off the grid, on the coast

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Last week, I spent three days on the coast of beautiful Big Sur, California, where I got to unplug (for real…there was no wifi or cell service to be found, much to the dismay of my inner Instagram addict) and hike through redwood forests and rocky beaches.




The famous Bixby Bridge: one of the most photographed bridges in the world, and also the most terrifying. See the daredevil standing on it in the upper left of this picture.


We stayed at Treebones Lodge, known for its focus on glamping.

Glamping = glamorous camping. The best of both worlds, especially when it comes to having an ocean view, a sushi bar, and a suspension bridge to get to your very own treehouse.

The best part of the hotel, though, wasn’t the food or the lodging. It was the lack of phone service. Normally this would be a complete and utter nightmare for someone like me, but three days away from electronic devices turned out to be exactly what I needed to come back with new perspectives and a refreshed mind. I can’t say I didn’t miss having Facebook at my fingertips (and Snapchat. Oh, especially Snapchat) to document the beautiful sights, but there was a freedom in experiencing everything without feeling the need to snatch the moment for social media.

Of course, I couldn’t resist capturing some of those moments for when I returned to civilization.



Spring break is usually spent on a crowded beach, surrounded by noise and umbrellas and sunscreen and bottles of Corona. As much as I love this kind of break, it isn’t really a break. If you’re looking for a getaway, and I mean a real getaway, Big Sur is your place. The only noise will come from crashing waves and sea lions, and maybe a waterfall or two.


2 thoughts on “Off the grid, on the coast

  1. I wouldn’t mind spending a few days in my own treehouse–especially one with modern amenities. Kudos for unplugging and listening to waves and waterfalls.

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