Back to the Sandbox

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This afternoon was one of the most therapeutic I’ve had in a while– and opened my eyes to what I really enjoy doing.

We had a fantastic guest speaker in creativity class today, a professional storyteller (how awesome is that? Kind of like my major, journalism, except the real deal). After describing how we tell narratives to one another, we were set loose to play in trays of sand with an endless variety of figurines and aquarium pieces to create stories in the sandboxes. After setting scenes with characters and coming up with a story arc to describe the scene, we told our stories to one another. And while doing it, we probably had the most fun and opened up to one another the most out of any class we’ve had so far.

Besides storytelling, we were actually doing things. We had assembled something using our hands, and in a way that was more involving and engaging than just telling the story. We became a part of the action by making the action ourselves with our own hands. It was much like what I talked about in my earlier post, when I described building film sets from Legos and Lincoln logs, and how I was removed from my world by building my own parallel world.

And so, today’s class helped me understand more about how combining our oral narrative with a narrative we’ve created using our own hands can help me in developing my own design thinking. The stories I tell through the clothes I design or images I make on Photoshop will be both verbal and visual, tactile and engaging. Because what is more involving than wearing what you have created, or hanging it up in your closet or wall? I truly believe fashion and art are both ways of expressing our personal stories in ways in which we can interact with them visually and kinesthetically (you can even argue that music is a kinesthetic interaction, in the way you can experience music by moving your body). Much of what we do is a story, down to the t-shirts we wear and the food we eat. And creativity is figuring out how to tell those stories.

One thought on “Back to the Sandbox

  1. Wonderful reflection. You really captured your joy in the class experience as well as what you learned from it. I understand what you mean about the power of expressing a story kinesthetically and visually, not only in words. And the fashions I wear can certainly be an expression of “my story,” including what “character” I am today.

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