The Curator as the Artist

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I’ve always loved art, but never been an artist myself. Hence me being an art history minor and not an art minor!

Whenever I see a collection of any sort, from fashion shows to cosmetics lines to gallery openings, I appreciate the insight and thought put into curating those collections. Curating art is an art form in itself,

Sparky’s is a local ice cream place in downtown COlumbia, and one of my favorite collections of art. The paintings are hideous. Truly hideous. But at the same time, they’re beautiful– someone at some point tried to create it.

In the video below, the curator, Scott Southwick, describes the creative process behind curating the paintings at Sparky’s. He visits thrift stores and searches online for people’s garage sale art, looking for pieces that are striking to him. He thinks it’s hilarious when someone makes an absurdly ugly painting, but also finds it touching and powerful, and I see the paintings at Sparky’s in a new way after having watched the video below. I also see the curator in a new light: Curating a collection is a creative process, and the curator is just as much an artist as the artists making the works in the collection.


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