Home Makeover: Thrift Store Furniture Edition

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My creative endeavor of the week– and probably the month– is both practical and fun. I’ll be moving to a one-bedroom apartment for three months during my summer internship in the Chicago area, and since A. The apartment will be unfurnished, B. I’ll only be there for a temporary time, C. I have no actual furniture to my name and D. I’ll be the only one in the apartment, I’ve decided to take on the project of buying my summer furniture in thrift stores and redecorating/purposing it all into trendy, chic interior decor. Apparently people call it “upcycling,” because instead of recycling the item, you’re reusing it to make it even better!

For example, I’ve been perusing Pinterest for inspiration, and here’s one idea: Buy an old framed painting, and use chalkboard paint to repurpose the painting into a framed chalkboard. Genius.


From that idea, I could probably paint a lot of old junk to make it look updated and artsy, like someone did with this globe:

<a data-pin-do=”embedPin” href=”https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AQyhl1npmh37ahJwPiRf8evBrV3kfN9tOJFwolDDZOVR6o0jh81bv94/”></a&gt;

I can also make my own wall art, since I’m able to do graphic design and print out my art.

Or re-paint over thrift store wall art to make this modern gallery wall!


(Photo from Brit+Co)

In creativity class, we’ve learned a lot about making prototypes and getting inspiration from sources like visiting stores and listening to music. Combining all these processes will help me decorate my apartment without breaking the bank (and maybe even make it look like it came right off the pages of a magazine). Time to go thrifting– I’ll keep posting as I create my pieces!

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