The Caffeinated Californian’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016

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In honor of getting into the holiday spirit instead of being depressed about the cold, I’m doing my first-ever gift guide!

It’s 18 degrees outside here in Columbia, Missouri, and you all know what that means… It’s the annual day that I rethink my life decisions, particularly the decision to leave the beach for college! Might be time to admit that I am as crazy as everyone thinks I am.

One upside to the cold: it actually feels like the holidays. Back in San Diego, where it was 80 degrees on Thanksgiving Day, wishing for a White Christmas is out of the question. So you sit there decorating a tree that’s entirely out of its natural habitat (and not just because it’s inside a house), and singing carols about how cold it is outside (65 degrees, BRRRR).

Anyways, to celebrate being in weather that feels like the holidays, I pulled my favorites for each category of person in the life of a 21-year-old college student surrounded by quite some personalities. Bonus: Each gift is under $75, and most are under $25!

Without further ado…


For The Person Who Idolizes The Kardashians

  1. Adidas Sweatshirt: Adidas, $70. As we all know, Adidas randomly became trendy, and this sweatshirt rocks the whole athleisure thing.
  2. LuMee Perfect Selfie Case: Urban Outfitters, $60. It’s got front-facing LED lights so you always have the perfect selfie lighting. Perfect for the #extra friend.
  3. Reasons Why Notebook: Nasty Gal, $16. The drama queen in your life deserves a place to write down her real-life scenarios that are worthy of high TV ratings.

As an honorable mention/white elephant possibility, the Pocket Kim Wisdom Book has some gold.

For The Basic Caffeine Addict

  1. This Is The Life Mug: Kate Spade, $20. Make sure to put a Starbucks gift card inside it, because realistically you know they probably don’t actually make their own coffee.
  2. Donut Pool Float: Urban Outfitters, $25. Obviously people who like coffee also like donuts, and these ones don’t make you fat.
  3. Over-the-Knee Socks: Anthropologie, $18. Because every basic caffeine addict needs those knee socks for their Instagram posts about drinking coffee in bed.

For the Best Friend With Specific And Expensive Taste

  1. NYX Lipstick Vault Set: Ulta Beauty, $34.99. This. Is. The. Holy. Grail. Of. Lip. NYX is so similar to MAC it makes my head spin. Get hyped.
  2. Stay Fancy Wine Glass: Easy Tiger, $14. Class in a glass.
  3. Customized macarons: Beau Coup, $4.75 each. Honestly, there isn’t a single person who would be upset about receiving monogrammed macarons.

For the Artsy Girlboss World Traveler

  1. World Scratch Map: Nordstrom, $30. Full disclosure: I have this map on my bedroom wall and it’s awesome.
  2. Airplane Mode Travel Bag: Nordstrom, $26. Holy crap. This bag isn’t just a bag. It’s got an eye mask, stain remover, hand lotion, even ear buds, to name a few. I want this for myself. What else is $26 good for?
  3. Balloon Dog Bookend: Etsy, $35. Admit it: You have no idea what the whole balloon dog thing is about.

An honorable mention here, too: The Carry On Cocktail Kit, complete with everything you need for a TSA-approved Bloody Mary. Tiny pickles, bar spoon, rimming salt, the works.

For The Entire Small Army Girl Squad

  1. The Body Shop Face Masks: Ulta Beauty, $2.50 (or 3 for $5). Pamper your friends with spa night without paying a spa price.
  2. Champagne Bubble Bath: Plot twist– you can DIY this one. If you’re not feeling crafty, feel free to swap with real champagne.
  3. Graphic Ankle Socks: Forever 21, $1.90. Forever 21 has a bunch of different designs. I picked sushi for this example since my friends love getting sushi together. Something simple and quirky could

For The Guy You’re Kind Of Dating

Sorry, you’re on your own for this one. A 6-pack of beer? Bacon-of-the-month subscription? I don’t know. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.




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