2016: A roller coaster that will bring us to bigger heights

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It feels like 2016 had more ups and downs than my favorite roller coaster at Six Flags (Goliath at Magic Mountain in California).

Goliath isn’t the fastest or scariest or most gimmicky roller coaster out there. It’s not the most famous or the newest or the one with the biggest loop. It’s just a fun, fast, thrilling ride: What any great roller coaster should be. It’s got some horrifying parts, for sure- the first drop takes you underground, and for a terrible second you’re in the dark wondering if you’re ever going to get out- but then you pop right out and soar over the whole theme park feeling like, well, Goliath (never mind the part where he gets taken down by David).

Like any year, 2016 had plenty of ups and downs. But these ups and downs felt a lot deeper, like a roller coaster you’d find at Six Flags. The presidential election, for one, threw more people for a loop than I ever could have predicted. Brexit had the same effect. We lost many iconic musicians, actors, and thinkers (David Bowie, Prince, and Carrie Fisher among them, as you probably know) who I believe still had so many more contributions to make to our world. The world say tragedies on a scale we’d never before seen, including the Orlando shooting.

But you could already see these things on the news. You know them. So I’m here to tell you the many great things that happened, which we often overlook. For instance:

  • The Cubs won the World Series. THE CUBS. WON. THE WORLD SERIES.
  • Beyonce released “Lemonade”
  • Africa is getting cleared of Ebola
  • No more malaria in Sri Lanka
  • The giant panda is no longer endangered
  • It’s currently raining in San Diego, and believe it or not, that’s a very good thing
  • Coffee exists!
  • Golden retrievers exist!
  • Marc Jacobs exists!
  • In-N-Out exists!
  • Musicals exist! (wake me up in 2020 when I have enough money to see Hamilton somewhere)
  • Lots of cool things happened to you (on a personal note, interning for Ulta Beauty and choreographing for my sorority have both been my biggest blessings this past year)
  • I got a Kylie Lip Kit for Christmas
  • Unemployment reached its lowest rate since the recession
  • The first solar-powered plane flight around the world actually happened
  • Leo finally won his first Oscar
  • Stranger Things was a thing, and it was great

See? Not all bad. In fact, I’d say that 2016 was even fun at times. And this is coming from someone who spent many hours of 2016 in a library, stress-eating popcorn.

As for New Year’s resolutions? Add Have hope to your list. Because I guarantee this much:

For a roller coaster to have its ups, it also must have its downs. 2016 brought us enough downs to launch us into incredible ups, and this gives me the optimism to feel that 2017 will bring amazing new heights.

Here’s to 2017, and a brilliant new year! *cue sparklers*




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