My new jewelry obsession is off the chain

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I’ll be honest, I had no idea how to wear a body chain when I first bought it. Which sounds weird, because who buys something without knowing how to wear it? But in my mind, a trend is a challenge.

It’s not like a piece of jewelry should be that intimidating, but when I first tried on my new body chain, it was. I didn’t know what part was supposed to go over my head and what part was supposed to go over my hips, so I spent more trial-and-error time than anyone should spend on what is basically a giant necklace. It paid off, though, because when I finally got it right, because I felt like a Coachella-bound Kardashian.

Body chains dress up your outfit and add a sophisticated level of glamour that a regular necklace just doesn’t. I personally like to think it’s an effortless way of not looking effortless. Most people wear them with a swimsuit, but it can give an edge to your little black dress or crop top. I was lucky enough to be able to first try mine in the San Diego sun, but I know I’ll be wearing it again and again in the Midwest, even in the middle of winter.

At the beach the other day, I paired my body chain with a solid black Bebe crop top that had just the right amount of detail, but not enough to upstage the body chain. The chain looks amazing over your midriff area, but if you’re in a climate where you can’t show skin, it still slays any basic top.

Tip: Keep it simple, and the body chain will do all the work for you!





Top: Bebe

Shorts: H&M

Body chain: Walmart! Can you believe it? (They also have a good choker selection)

What do you think? Ready to try the chain and take your outfit off the chain?




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