About Alex

TL;DR: A journalism brain discovers the technology industry.

I never thought I’d be so excited about things like hyperconverged infrastructure, hybrid cloud, unstructured data storage and developer security. But here we are, and this stuff is my JAM.

Speaking of jam, I started my career on the consumer side with incredible marketing and PR teams at Ulta Beauty and Ketchum, where I learned how to market major CPG brands from Smucker’s jam, to Urban Decay lipstick, to Whirlpool washers. Then, when working with Whirlpool’s W Labs team as an intern at Ketchum, a lightbulb went off: I loved telling innovation stories.

I joined Inkhouse in 2018, which specializes in B2B tech. My first day on the job I was put on the Nutanix account, and the technical subject matter scared me so badly (I’d never taken a computer science class in my life and therefore had no idea what made virtual computers talk to each other) that I researched the heck out of cloud computing concepts.

And had a really good time doing it.

Since then, in my 5+ years marketing to technical audiences, I’ve helped companies like ​​Nutanix, Qumulo, Lacework, ServiceTitan, Confluent and Rigetti tell their stories. Armed with a master’s degree in journalism, I believe a great brand is built on great writing, whether I’m developing messaging for a product launch, drafting a blog post about a customer case study, or presenting research about emerging market trends.

My first love was media relations, but PR is only one piece of the puzzle. I’ve developed expertise in product marketing, market research, content and digital strategy to help clients share their message with their audience across channels.

My favorite thing to do is still figuring out how things work, and that never changes, because technology always changes.

When I’m not being a workaholic, I’m scouting out new breweries (no shortage of them in Denver), skiing, going to concerts, boxing and taking aerial classes at the Denver Circus Collective.

To summarize, you could say I’m a “high performer,” in both the work sense and the circus sense.

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