About Alex


The blurb:

I’m a PR professional based in San Francisco, thrilled to be surrounded by innovation and the ocean. 

I have been working in fashion, beauty, tech, and lifestyle PR since age 19, when I interned for San Diego-based online fashion retailer Note To You Little Sister (NTYLS). Since then, I have been a part of incredible PR teams at Ulta Beauty, Ketchum and InkHouse, working with both national consumer brands and B2B tech companies.

I love working with teams that share my values of curiosity, empathy and tenacity; I am ferocious in my enthusiasm for what I do. 

The fun stuff:

Hobbies: When I’m not being a workaholic, I’m usually traveling, searching for the best Chinese takeout and going to concerts. And guzzling down caffeine.

Beer of the month: Anchor Steam from Anchor Brewing

Workout plan: Ballet and boxing classes that make me forget I’m working out.

Most binged TV show: Mad Men. If you haven’t watched it, do you really work in advertising? 

Happy place: Starbucks, Six Flags (any of them), In-N-Out or Lollapalooza. 

Celebrity lookalike: Too many people say I look like Drew Barrymore. 

What’s with the typewriter:

As much as I love technology and new media, I’m also an old soul. I collect vintage typewriters because there’s nothing in the world like whacking away at old keys and hearing the ding! at the end of the space. Learning to type on a typewriter has made me a better writer because it’s taught me to choose my words carefully!


Thank you for visiting! Let’s connect.

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Email: alexmaegnibus@gmail.com

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