About Alex


The blurb:

Born and raised in California, but currently attending the University of Missouri (Mizzou), I will always be a West Coast girl with a streak of Midwest. I first came to Mizzou as an undergrad because I knew I loved PR and SEC football more than I hated cold weather.

I stayed at Mizzou for my master’s degree because I never stop learning: I wanted to understand more media theory and do my own research on account management. When I finish classes this May 2018, I can’t wait to bring my knowledge to the workplace.

I have been working in fashion, beauty, tech, and lifestyle PR since age 19, when I interned for San Diego-based online fashion retailer Note To You Little Sister (NTYLS). Since then, I have been a part of incredible PR teams at Ulta Beauty and Ketchum, working with national brands like Whirlpool, Urban Decay, Kleenex and many others. I love working with teams that share my values of curiosity, empathy and tenacity: I am a fearlessly hard worker with an energy and enthusiasm that I love sharing with others.

A few more fun facts:

A self-proclaimed workaholic, I usually spend my free time obsessing over current industry trends and my thesis research. When I’m not devouring every ​Vogue​ and ​Ad Age​ article imaginable or writing on my personal lifestyle blog ​Caffeinated Californian​, I’m watching Mad Men​, taking ballet and boxing classes that make me forget I’m working out, traveling on spontaneous road trips, searching for a good Mexican restaurant in mid-Missouri and going to concerts. And grabbing a coffee or two. Or three or six.

What’s with the typewriter?

The long answer: As much as I love technology and new media, I’m also an old soul. I collect vintage typewriters because there’s nothing in the world like whacking away at old keys and hearing the ding! at the end of the space. Learning to type on a typewriter has made me a better writer because it’s taught me to choose my words carefully, and learn from my mistakes without being afraid to start over. 

The short answer: Typewriters are just awesome, okay?


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