Content Strategy

Putting the punch in your paragraphs.

The days of the stale, cliche, self-serving “PR speak” are over. I believe in writing with power and personality, and above all, transparency.

Writing is my first love and the main reason I pursued a journalism degree. Strategic communication gives me the chance to continue securing contributed content opportunities, writing on behalf of my clients and collaborating with media outlets.

Check out some of my most recent content below, including press releases, blog posts and contributed bylines.

Coda Signature Seasonal Trend Report: News Release & Copy

Coda Signature Summer 2020 Seasonal Trend Report Predicts a Pivotal Moment for Edibles

To develop Coda Signature’s thought leadership platform, I worked with Coda’s Director of Edibles to create a Seasonal Trend Report on the edibles industry. I directed the strategy and wrote the copy for the report itself and the news release, garnering media coverage and establishing a successful new program.

Blog Post: Media Strategy in a Crisis

Why Storytelling in a Crisis is Still Storytelling

After doing a lot of hard thinking about where PR fit in with COVID-19, I wrote a blog post for my agency’s blog about how to approach media strategy during a crisis. Even as the circumstances changed, my question remained the same: How can we tell relevant stories?

Contributed Byline: Entrepreneur

IoT Can Give Your Retail Business a Competitive Edge. Here’s What You Need to Know.

To position Nutanix as a thought leader in the IoT space while reaching a top-tier business audience, I secured and drafted this byline in Entrepreneur.

News Release: Businesswire

Manufacturing Industry Gears Up to Outpace Average Adoption of Hybrid Cloud by 2020, Reports Nutanix

Nutanix released its annual survey announcing the state of hybrid cloud adoption in different sectors (health, retail, manufacturing, etc.). I wrote this release to announce the manufacturing results and told the story of the “innovation impasse” IT teams in manufacturing face.

Contributed Commentary: Axios

Cannabis firms fuming over exclusion from CES

After CES banned cannabis tech startup Keep Labs from using the word “cannabis” when exhibiting, I noticed a moment for DaVinci to lead the conversation. After doing rapid-response outreach, I secured phone briefings as well as email Q&A opportunities. This Axios commentary was one of those results.

Contributed Column: PR Couture

4 Reasons You Should be Pitching Data-Driven Stories for Your Lifestyle Clients

As a contributor on PR Couture (a PR blog and trade outlet for lifestyle PR professionals), I’ve written regular pieces on PR best practices. One of my favorite pieces offered my thoughts on data-driven pitching.

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