Media Relations

Always looking for the next win.

My approach to media relations: Identify key storytelling moments. Whether I’m creating proactive pitch topics out of thin air or gearing up for a major product launch, I know what it takes to land a hit where it counts.

My journalism training means I can think like a journalist and understand what reporters need. I know what’s newsworthy (and how to make something newsworthy) and how to develop effective strategies for specific target outlets, from B2B tech trades to consumer lifestyle. Above all, I love working with reporters and building genuine relationships.

Scroll down to check out some of my favorite media placements in The New York Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, PopSugar and beyond.

Coda Signature in the New York Times

You Know What Else Has Sold Well During the Pandemic? Weed Edibles

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, one trend became clear: People were buying cannabis. Edibles grew in popularity, and one of the brands leading the trend was Coda Signature. I positioned Coda as an expert source on product innovation and consumer trends in the midst of an uncertain time, securing both print and online coverage in the Styles section of the New York Times.

Canna Provisions and Starbuds in Forbes

Tale Of Two Pot Dispensaries: Coping With COVID-19

Two of my clients — Starbuds and Canna Provisions — were facing dramatically different circumstances during the COVID-19 crisis. Both are the same type of business, but only one was allowed to stay open. I came up with a two-in-one pitch telling the story of both dispensaries to highlight how each was adapting to regulatory challenges. I love that this article told the larger story of how cannabis dispensaries can weather unexpected changes and come out stronger for it.

Coda Signature in Mashable

What you need to know to have a great edible experience on 420

One uphill battle for cannabis is landing mainstream consumer lifestyle pieces — and for brands like Coda Signature hoping to reach more new customers, those are the pieces that count the most. This Mashable guide to edibles featured Coda Signature’s Director of Edibles as an expert source, giving credibility and a consumer audience to the Coda Signature brand.

DaVinci Vaporizer in PopSugar Fitness

I Vaped CBD Every Night For 1 Week — Here’s How It Affected My Sleep and A.M. Workouts

DaVinci had a vaporizer product launch in January 2020, right in the middle of the national vaping lung injury crisis. The IQ2 launch was still a media success with lifestyle hits like this one. In a time when vaporizer brands needed to rebuild consumer trust, it was valuable to see DaVinci featured in a mainstream lifestyle media outlet.

Schwazze in TechCrunch

Cannabis group Medicine Man Technologies rebrands to Schwazze, announces sweeping acquisitions

Medicine Man Technologies announced the launch of its new parent company brand, Schwazze, and also its first acquisition under a new Colorado law that allowed for public ownership. This announcement came in the middle of the COVID pandemic, posing a challenge for coverage, but we drove top-tier stories like this TechCrunch feature.

DaVinci Vaporizer in SELF

35 Stylish Gifts Any Cannabis Enthusiast Would Appreciate

During the vaping lung injury crisis, holiday gift guide outreach was a challenge — especially in mainstream national consumer outlets. As a result of thoughtful, strategic outreach, I secured gift guide coverage in lifestyle outlets like SELF.

DaVinci Vaporizer in Fortune

CES Cannabis Conundrum: Makers of Award-Winning Product Can’t Mention Its Purpose

When I spotted the news that CES banned cannabis startup Keep Labs from using the name “cannabis” on the showroom floor, I saw a relevant moment for DaVinci to lead the conversation — even though DaVinci wasn’t at CES. I immediately did some trendjacking and reached out to reporters offering the DaVinci CEO for comment, as a fellow tech company in cannabis. This resulted in coverage in Fortune and other top outlets:

Axios: Cannabis firms fuming over exclusion from CES

Digital Trends: CES has a strange relationship with cannabis tech, and it just got weirder

TechCrunch: CES takes half-baked stance on cannabis

Boveda in Marijuana Business Magazine

Cannabis Aficionado: Boveda finds a new audience for longstanding moisture-control technology in the cannabis sector 

Boveda creates humidity control products for preserving cannabis. Boveda’s goal was to get business feature coverage in a top cannabis trade outlet. I worked closely with Marijuana Business Daily, the leading cannabis trade, to develop a print feature story about how Boveda pivoted its business from tobacco to cannabis.

Nutanix in CNBC (Contributed Content)

There are 700,000 open tech jobs in the US. Here is how companies can fill them.

I noticed CNBC was looking for tech executives to contribute bylines, so I secured interest for the Nutanix CIO to contribute. Next I drafted and place a byline on the timely topic of the IT skills gap, pulling from my own research, insights and knowledge of the CIO’s passion for tech hiring.

Eaze Wellness in The Cut

An Expert’s Guide to the Best CBD Products to Buy Your Friends This Year

The Cut is a tough nut to crack — editors had previously told me The Cut was “unpitchable.” Still, I developed a strong relationship with contributor Charlotte Palermino, resulting in this mention of Eaze in a gift guide on The Cut.

Yobi Software in RFID Journal

RFID Tracks Cannabis From Cultivation to Distribution

Yobi’s RFID technology tracks the cannabis supply chain, helping cultivators and retailers meet compliance needs (states require the precise tracking of all cannabis inventory from seed to sale). The client’s favorite outlet was RFID Journal, so I worked with a customer to create a case study and a proactive pitch that resulted in this in-depth piece.

Confluent in ZDNet

How to build a serverless architecture

Serverless computing was the sexy topic in 2019 and I was ready for it (I really was. I read an entire AWS whitepaper on the topic. I am no software engineer but I can always write like one). I drafted email commentary on behalf of Confluent and pitched top developer/tech trades. This ZDNet piece was one of the resulting stories.