Briefing book: Fast Company Interview on Korean Skincare Trends

Briefing books are the best. No, seriously! I love putting together backgrounders that help prepare my team and clients as much as possible for upcoming events and media interviews. I enjoy the process of doing meticulous research and thinking three steps ahead to anticipate everything that will be needed.

One of my favorite briefing documents I compiled was the briefing for an interview with Fast Company. I was the PR intern for Ulta Beauty at the time, and Fast Company had reached out to the Senior Vice President of Merchandising for an interview on Korean skincare trends. If you’re wondering what I knew about Korean skincare, the answer is nothing. Because it was an emerging trend and no one really knew. To this day, the team still uses the messaging in my original briefing for interviews about Korean beauty trends.

While I can’t share the actual briefing document, I can share a few details on the sections I included:

Background: The interview details, reporter profile, outlet profile

Summary: An overview of the Korean skincare trend. Excerpt: “American beauty enthusiasts are catching on to the cutting-edge trends in South Korean beauty. As skincare takes the spotlight in the beauty industry, “K-beauty” will become increasingly relevant, with innovative skincare products that can be tailored to different skin types and needs.”

Key Facts/Stats: A summary of the key statistics surrounding Korean skincare, including the fact that South Korea is the second largest cosmetics exporter.

Trend Overview: Current category trends, key product ingredients (snail! squid ink!), popular brands, themes and upcoming trends.

Korean Skincare at Ulta Beauty: I listed each brand they carried, product descriptions.

BY THE TREND: I thought it would be helpful to know how each product they carried were relevant to different trends, so I included a section that tied in the products with Korean skincare trends. Example: A key trend was the innovative ingredients, so I listed products with innovative ingredients, like the Whamisa Organic Sea Kelp Sheet Mask.

Q&As: I anticipated the questions that the reporter would ask, along with appropriate answers.

Recent coverage: An overview of previous articles that have been published on Korean skincare.

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