Entrepreneur Byline: How Retailers Can Use IoT

Cloud computing leader Nutanix wanted to generate proactive buzz around its Internet of Things (IoT) initiative, before it had any news announcements. To make a technical topic relevant for a top-tier business audience, I looked at trends in the industries that Nutanix was targeting, such as retail, manufacturing and smart cities.

I’m naturally passionate about retail news, and when I was reading headline after headline about brick-and-mortar retailers like Gap shutting down locations, I saw an opportunity to get Nutanix IoT in the conversation by sharing a content piece about how retailers can use IoT to stay competitive and continue innovating the shopping experience. I pitched the piece to business outlets and landed Entrepreneur – a key outlet that Nutanix IoT hadn’t previously reached.

The resulting byline positioned Nutanix as both an expert source on IoT technology and an approachable, relevant voice for business leaders.

The story appeared here: “IoT Can Give Your Retail Business a Competitive Edge. Here’s What You Need to Know.

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