Nutanix Media Placement: CIO

Nutanix is a leader in hyperconverged infrastructure (say that three times fast!). This was one of my first technology clients, and it was deep technology. I had to learn the inner workings of cloud computing and IT infrastructure, or at least enough to communicate it to the public, and work with technology reporters to get Nutanix featured in top-tier tech and trade outlets.

CIO is a priority for technology companies, since it reaches an audience of technology decision-makers. I saw an opportunity to reach out to a reporter working on a story around IT New Year’s resolutions for 2019, and I shared commentary on behalf of Nutanix’s CIO Wendy Pfeiffer. You can read the story here: “15 IT resolutions for 2019.”

Published by Alex Gnibus

Alex is a 20-something PR professional based in Denver. When she's not being a workaholic, you can usually find her at the nearest brewery, kickboxing class, or ski run.

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