Always up for a (communications) challenge.

Everyone has a story.

The national retailer changing how we’re shopping for beauty. The cloud infrastructure leader shifting the way IT teams operate. The luxury edibles manufacturer elevating what it means to consume cannabis. From consumer lifestyle to technology, there are disruptive brands in every industry. I’m here to tell the stories of the disruptors.

Armed with a master’s degree in journalism and a versatile PR background, I drive compelling stories for game-changing brands through media relations, research & strategy, content development and marketing. I love a good challenge and I’m always looking for creative opportunities to get a win for a brand.

Brand Strategy

Using razor-sharp research skills and data-driven thinking to turn insights into strategies, I can bring a brand vision to life.

Media Relations

How I bring businesses to life on the page, through smart media strategies, sharp writing and strong relationships.

Client Experience

I love working with game-changing brands in every sector from retail to cannabis, Fortune 500 to startup. Some of my client experience includes Ulta Beauty, Strava, Coda Signature and Nutanix.

Yup, I’ve worked with THC-infused chocolate.

Content Development

At the end of the day, it comes down to sharp writing and thoughtful strategy to be the voice of a brand across blogs, Q&As and bylines.


Media Relations

Content Development

Qualitative Research

Speaking & Events

Thought Leadership

Marketing Strategy

Spokesperson Training

Corporate Communications

Alex Gnibus

With a journalism background and versatile PR experience across the corporate/B2B, technology, consumer and lifestyle sectors, I tell the stories of game-changing brands.

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