What I Do

As a marketer and writer, I make technical information fun and accessible so more people can learn about it. My bread and butter is B2B technology, with experience across the cloud and data ecosystem.

I find the surprising angles.

I’m not afraid to use unexpected angles and a sense of humor to make something more entertaining and informative.

I get hands-on with the technology.

I go above and beyond to put myself in the shoes of the end user. I have certifications in Alteryx, Snowflake, Azure and more, and I love designing product demos that tell a compelling story from start to finish.

I keep it simple.

Sophisticated audiences deserve content as simple as it is smart. I distill complicated information into crisp, memorable messages.

I think like a journalist.

I don’t create narratives. I illuminate them. My job is to uncover the reality of how customers use a technology and give them the spotlight. My journalism education taught me that the real excitement is the human impact, not the technical feature.

See me in action! Check out some of my favorite projects below.

Speaking Highlights

Live Product Demo on Solution Spotlight

I had the opportunity to deliver a live demo of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform! Fair warning that the demo (starts at 11:32 mark) is pizza-themed so you may get hungry afterwards 🍕

Alter Everything Podcast

As a guest host on the Alter Everything podcast, I’ve introduced technical concepts to listeners by interviewing experts.

In Episode #116, I used Oktoberfest as an attention-grabbing example to help listeners understand the benefits of cloud infrastructure for data analytics.

In Episode #134, I chatted with Snowflake’s head of AI/ML strategy to explore how recent developments have made AI more accessible to anyone with a computer.

Alteryx Inspire Session: How to Build a Modern Data Stack

At Alteryx Inspire 2023, which drove over 3,000 attendees, I delivered a session onstage about what goes into a good analytics stack. Alongside solutions architect David Hare, I presented best practices for designing a stack that leverages the best cloud technologies available — while making those technologies accessible.

Plus, I made it puzzle-themed, because I like analogies.

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