Messaging: Unraveling the complexity of cloud

The clients: Qumulo, Lacework, Nutanix, Confluent

The challenge: When it comes to the cloud, there’s a lot of confusion. Hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, public cloud, private cloud…it goes on and on. The messaging across the industry was (and still is) muddled. Working with SaaS platforms in the cloud space, I was challenged with developing strong, clear and consistent messaging that could build thought leadership and reach customers at key product launches.

The solution: I had to untangle the complexities of cloud and put my clients at the center of the conversation. The key was research. I combed through analyst reports and market research, monitored the media discourse, and identified gaps that my clients could fill. What was being said about cloud? What wasn’t being said? What were the emerging customer needs in cloud?

Using the insights from that research, I worked closely with product and engineering leads to develop a strong POV on cloud and get that POV out there through contributed content, customer case studies and media commentary — both proactively, and for product launches.

The results: Strong placements of the cloud narrative across channels, both in contributed bylines and media coverage.



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