Translating technical topics into familiar story tropes

The client: Nutanix, Qumulo, SmartRent

The story: Enterprise tech companies like Nutanix and Qumulo need to reach IT decision-makers — which means distilling complex technical topics into compelling storylines. But how do you make an extremely dense topic into something engaging and approachable for a journalist?

The answer is that every good story there’s a hero and a villain, and a good technology story is no different. But instead of a monster, you have IT challenges. Maybe your villain is legacy data storage infrastructure that keeps running out of capacity. Maybe the villain is the threat of a cyberattack. Or — God forbid — downtime.

Telling good stories and establishing an interesting POV on deep tech topics can feel intimidating, but it really comes down to doing your research and finding the pain points that your client can address.

The results: Coverage in key trade press for IT audiences, with stories positioning clients as the solution to a timely industry challenge.

Forbes: 2021 World Backup Day (The villain: losing your file data. The hero: Qumulo).

RFID Journal: RFID Tracks Cannabis from Cultivation to Distribution (The villain: Tight regulations. The hero: Yobi’s RFID software).

The Next Platform: COVID Modeling Demands Mean Big Storage Boost for IHME (The villain: The data demands of COVID-19 modeling. The hero: Qumulo’s scalable storage system.)


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