Building thought leadership in venture capital

The client: Two Sigma Ventures, a data-driven venture capital firm

The story: Venture capital is fascinating, because you have extremely intelligent people with extremely varying opinions. When your client is a VC firm, it’s your job to make those opinions stand out.

To build the profile of Two Sigma Ventures and elevate its partners as subject matter experts in the areas they’re passionate about investing in, my team developed detailed thought leadership platforms for each partner. Through relationship-building briefings, rapid-response outreach and creative storytelling, we generated a steady drumbeat of thought leadership coverage — even in the absence of news.

The results: Executive commentary in priority media targets and top-tier feature stories about both Two Sigma Ventures and its portfolio companies.

Business Insider: Two Sigma Ventures built an AI tool called Georges to help them find startups that human VCs overlook

TechCrunch: Per Diem raises $2.3M to help local businesses build subscription programs

VentureBeat: The Open Source Index showcases GitHub’s most popular projects right now

Forbes: Airtable: How It Became A $5.8 Billion Company


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