Changing the conversation about cannabis

The clients: Eaze; Coda Signature; Green Dragon; Ripple; Schwazze / Star Buds; Canna Provisions; DaVinci Vaporizer

The story: Even as it grew in importance, the cannabis industry was still largely sidelined in mainstream media outlets. In my time working with a lot of cannabis clients, I’ve had a unique opportunity to legitimize cannabis and shine a light on the passionate innovators shaping a brave, new industry from the ground up.

Through strong relationship-building with key reporters and smart trendspotting, I found opportunities for my cannabis clients to drive national media conversations — like introducing consumers to the wellness benefits of CBD, sharing how dispensaries were elevating the retail experience, and questioning why cannabis tech innovation was excluded from the show floor at CES.

Then at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend became even more clear: People were buying cannabis. I positioned my clients as expert sources on product innovation and consumer trends in the midst of an uncertain time and told the story of how they adapted.

The results: Coverage in top-tier, mainstream outlets educating consumers and business decision-makers on why cannabis is an industry that can’t be ignored.

The New York Times (print and online): You Know What Else Has Sold Well During the Pandemic? Weed Edibles

Forbes: Tale Of Two Pot Dispensaries: Coping With COVID-19

Fortune: CES Cannabis Conundrum: Makers of Award-Winning Product Can’t Mention Its Purpose (similar coverage in Axios, Digital Trends and TechCrunch)

Mashable: What you need to know to have a great edible experience on 420

PopSugar Fitness: I Vaped CBD Every Night For 1 Week — Here’s How It Affected My Sleep and A.M. Workouts


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